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Milk for Farmers

About Our 'For Farmers' Brand

In October 2015 we launched For Farmers and became the first UK retailer to create a range where part of the retail price of the products goes directly back to farmers.

For Farmers was introduced to give customers the opportunity to pay a little more for products to support farmers. We listened hard to customers and this is something they told us they wanted.

Milk For Farmers was first in the range and a 4 pint bottle is 23 pence more than our own label standard milk, equivalent to 10 pence per litre. We pass 100% of this premium to Arla, the farmer-owned cooperative which supplies the milk for distribution among our 350 dedicated UK Morrisons farmers.

Milk For Farmers Cheese is 34 pence more than our standard own label cheddar, which is equivalent to an extra 10 pence per litre for the milk used to make the cheese, all of which goes back to the British farmers who supply the milk to our supplier Lactalis McClelland.

For Farmers has been popular with customers and our suppliers and after listening to their comments the range was extended to include cream and butter. In June Bacon for Farmers was launched at 20p per pack more than our standard bacon which goes back to our pig farmers.

The For Farmers range now includes:
  • Milk for Farmers Whole milk in 2 and 4 pint bottles
  • Milk for Farmers Semi Skimmed milk in 2 and 4 pint bottles
  • Milk For Farmers Skimmed milk as 4 pint bottle
  • Milk For Farmers Mature and Extra Mature cheese in 350g blocks
  • Cream For Farmers Single and Double cream in 300ml pots
  • Butter For Farmers in 250g salted and unsalted blocks
  • Bacon For Farmers Smoked and Unsmoked 250g packs

The For Farmers brand forms part of a wider range of practical measures Morrisons introduced to help British dairy farmers which also included increasing the minimum price we pay for milk

We have committed to publishing For Farmers sales information at regular intervals so customers can see how their purchase is helping to support our farmers.

Milk For Farmers Performance

June 2018

Milk & Cream: 1,605,234 litres of milk and 194,038 pots of cream sold. This generated £179,927 extra money for Arla farmers

Cheese: 19,433 blocks of cheese sold which is 6,801kg. This generated £6,607 extra money for Lactalis farmers

Since October 2015 the For Farmers range has generated £10,941,085 of extra income for farmers.

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