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Supply Chain Groups

Supply Chain Groups
At Morrisons we understand farming better than any other supermarket. This is because we deal with so many farmers directly, and we have our own farm.

Our vertical integration, where we own our own food factories and abattoirs, enables us to understand the entire supply chain in a way nobody else does.

We believe there is a great deal to be gained from better communication along the supply chain. Sharing knowledge and ideas between farming, processing and retail can drive efficiency and improve competitiveness. This is also true when farmers work better with each other. It’s very rare that farmers are in direct competition with each other: there is almost always more to gain from sharing ideas and best practice, benchmarking performance, and tackling problems together. That’s what our Supply Chain Groups do.

We have active supply chain groups all over the UK, in the dairy, beef, egg, poultry and pork sectors. To understand more about how they work, take a look at the video below:

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