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Balancing act

Balancing act
AF has launched a forward purchasing programme, allowing members across the UK to pre-plan payments for fuel and agri-chemicals. AF understand that throughout the year, farmers’ monthly payments vary considerably. This new ‘phased payment’ finance option will help to take the pressure off agchem and fuel bills, by allowing members to pay a fixed rate per month, every month.

The agchem market is volatile due to product shortages, therefore, prices in the short term may be high and in 2014 several products ran short. The ‘phased payment’ finance option allows growers to order their fuel and agri-chemicals early, without worrying about early cash flow.

Head of Procurement Peter McDonald said: “Fuel prices are currently low and if members join our forward purchasing scheme, they will be guaranteed summer prices, and with the introduction of our new phased payment option, a balanced cash flow throughout the year too - two key benefits unavailable elsewhere.”

There are a number of other reasons as to why ‘phased payment’ is a better option for your cash flow all round. Looking ahead into 2015, high fertiliser and agchem prices and low commodity prices are expected, but also banks may be more cautious in lending and interest rates may increase after the May election.

To find out more about joining AF contact the member services team on 01603 881 881.

Why Choose AF?

What’s the benefit of this scheme versus other options in the market place?
1. Competitive finance rate (interest rates may rise in 2015 post election)
2. Includes agchem and fuel
3. Straightforward sign up process with AF
4. Only requirement is >90% commitment on key arable inputs

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