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Cattle finance through Harrison & Hetherington

Cattle finance through Harrison & Hetherington
Following a successful pilot, Morrisons in conjunction with Carlisle-based Harrison & Hetherington have formally launched a Cattle Finance Scheme to support producers supplying prime cattle into Woodheads. The Scheme provides finance for store cattle purchased via Harrison & Hetherington and covers the period from purchase until the animals are slaughtered, with the original cost of the animal deducted from the slaughter payment less a small administrative cost.

Brian Richardson, CEO at H&H commented:
“We have a very good relationship with Morrisons and we have jointly recognised that one of the factors limiting the number of animals a finisher can produce is finance. Over the last 18 months we have jointly developed this scheme to provide the finance alongside a simple administrative system that ensures everyone is very clear of the arrangements and it can be administered easily.”

Producers apply to H&H and sign a simple agreement that sets out everyone’s responsibilities and a credit limit. Once this is in place a producer can purchase store cattle for the scheme via H&H marts and field staff. All purchases are notified to Woodheads; who then keep in touch with the producer organising the slaughter date and delivery to a Woodheads facility.

Andrew Loftus, Morrisons’ Agriculture Manager said “We’ve been working on this for over a year, and the pilot has shown that it provides a valuable way of helping existing finishers to expand their business. We’ve deliberately kept the admin and costs to an absolute minimum so the scheme is easy to operate and competes well with bank finance. It’s a great example of Morrisons working with the supply chain to back British farming.”

You can find more details on our website: www.morrisons-farming.com/How-we-work/Woodheads or speak to your local H&H or Woodheads representative.

Scott Donaldson – Sales Director, Harrison & Hetherington 01228 406200 / 07801 377626

David Pritchard – Operations Director, Harrison & Hetherington 01228 406200 / 07778 623748

Michael Winchester – Senior Livestock Manager, Woodheads 01282 729117 / 07581 482561

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