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Liver fluke in cattle & sheep

Liver fluke in cattle & sheep
By logging onto the Morrisons Farming Website suppliers can view and download a document which details any condemned offal and the reasons why. This will show the presence of both Fasciola Hepatica Active (Active Fluke) and Fasciola Hepatica In-Active (In-Active Fluke) within your herd and flock.


Identifying the symptoms before this stage of carcase analysis however, would help reduce the impact to your farm and vaccinations/flukicides could be administrated before a detrimental impact developed.

The main symptoms in sheep are:
• Drop in growth rate
• Poor fertility levels
• Anaemia, pale gums and mucous membranes
• Bottle jaw, fluid accumulation under the jaw
• When the disease is in the later stages there will be a presence of eggs in the sheep faeces.

The main symptoms in fattening cattle are:
• Excessive weight loss
• Chronic diarrhoea
• Reduced live weight gains
• Poor body condition
• Bottle jaw

These symptoms are also signs of further infections such as Johne’s disease, consultation with your vet is recommended to help treat the liver fluke and to rule out these other infections.

Our guarantee

Woodheads is proud to be one of the first meat processors in the UK to adopt the British Meat Processors Association code of practice on the purchase of cattle. The new code builds on Woodheads’ long-standing reputation for fairness in its dealings with British farmers, and guarantees that we will not make changes to our grid, weights, specification, premiums or deductions without giving our suppliers at least three months notice via our website. We recognise that it takes time for producers to adapt to changes, and through this code, we are working to improve the UK beef industry for all.

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