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Animal Identification

Do lambs need to be EID tagged?

In Scotland, lambs MUST be EID tagged.

From 1st January 2015, sheep keepers in England are no longer permitted to use non-EID tags for lambs. Single EID slaughter tags MUST be used in lambs not being retained for breeding.

Lambs born BEFORE 1st January 2015 are still permitted to carry a non-EID tag and DO NOT need to be retagged.

In Wales, non-EID slaughter tags can still be used until 1st January 2016

I have a beast with the wrong sex on the passport – can I cross it out and change it?

No. You need to send the passport back to BCMS to be changed as it is a legal document. The beast can be sent when a revised passport has been issued. If a beast arrives with the wrong sex on the passport, it will be left alive until trading standards have investigated.

I have a beast which has lost an ear tag – can I send it in?

Please order a new tag and tag the beast before sending in to avoid any complications. If the beast loses its only ear tag in transit it is then unidentifiable.